Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Challenge #27: Caring for our Faithful Ones

Last night our estate increased in value......by $20.  Yup, my betting buddy let me pick my team, and I chose Connecticut.  My reason for choosing Connecticut was strictly geographical preference.

This morning at 10 o'clock, our fuzzy one is going to the doggie beauty salon to get her winter fur cut off.  This is not an ordinary pet-grooming experience.  The fuzzy one doesn't like anyone messing with her body, so it's easier and safer if her veterinarian gives her a shot that puts her to sleep during the grooming.  My husband will stay for the grooming, to provide reassurance to the fuzzy one and to assist the groomer. Besides getting groomed, she will get her annual physical and update on shots. She has a small wart on her left lower eye lid, and that will be taken off while she's under sedation.

Pets are little people, too, and I feel absolutely sick when I hear that the state of our economy is affecting pet care.  People don't have the money to spend on their pets, so as a result, the animals are suffering neglect.  There's got to be a way to work some of these things out so no one ends up on the short end of the stick.  After all, why did Noah build the Ark in the first place!

Isn't it grand having spurts of spring the last days?  Yesterday we went to pay our respects to a grieving family, and we took back roads to get to where they live.  Hillsides are greening up, and the trout in the streams are teasing us.  Can't wait for the "who can catch a bigger fish" battles to begin. 

I haven't bought my fishing license yet, nor my trout stamp.  Must do that one of these first days so I'm ready when the whistle blows.  We bake trout on the grill, we fry trout in the skillet, and we even smoke trout in our smokehouse.  Fishing isn't only about the catching, it's about providing sustenance and promoting togetherness, as well.

The sun is casting shadows on the floor and on the furniture.  Another life lesson displays itself......without the sun, everything is a shadow. 

Best get to my day.  The fuzzy one has no idea what's ahead for her.  It's the two of us adults who are fretting about her having to go through this.  As soon as the visit to the doggie salon is over and little missy has her new fur-do, then I'll take over with the doting, cuddling and smothering her with the slobbery t.l.c.

It's called dividing the love!