Saturday, March 05, 2011

Typical Saturday At Our House

We like Saturdays.  They're freebies.  We are free to do whatever we pressures, no expectations, no nothing.

Fridays are scurry days.  We scurry around cleaning house and doing other household chores, so our slate is clean for Saturday.

Saturday's t.v. is geared toward the guys, so our remote control pretty much stays tightly clutched in the hubby's hands.  Woodworking, fishing, golfing,  NASCAR racing, those sorts of programming.  The past 43 years have transformed me into halfway appreciating these shows, although when I was younger they drove me nuts.  Now, I simply snuggle down with my blankie and pillow on the couch with my fuzzy one, and the three of us watch Norm build furniture with all kinds of fancy saws and shop tools, we watch the golfers miss their putts, and the race cars going around and around and around and around and around in circles. 

Winter Saturdays are far more laid back than summer Saturdays.  In summer, men and women alike are out and about, mowing lawns, planting pretty flowers and weeding the gardens, going for leisurely walks around the block, jogging, and neighbors going from house to house to chat.  Winter keeps us cooped inside, but spring kicks our butts out into fresh air and forces us to move around so our blood starts circulating again.

Right now I look forward to a nice winter afternoon, with the three of us nice and toasty and content in our little home.  One can only bow the head and bend the knee and thank Our Creator that we live in a peaceful place.  My prayers go out to those who live in daily terrors, fearing for their safety and fighting for a dignity that they can only dream about.

Sometimes I have to wonder why I have been so fortunate.