Thursday, March 17, 2011

Challenge #8 - Companionship

For the second day in a row, I'm seeing darkness through the window as I sip my first cup of joe.  Today it wasn't a paw that woke me, but rather my husband's voice. 

One of the great gifts of retirement is companionship.  All the fussy stuff in our 43-year relationship has long ago morphed into a new butterfly, so to say, and now the result is each of us having a best buddy.  This morning my matie is having his first appointment of several for extensive dental work, and I will pilot our vehicle so he can lay his head back and rest on the way back home.  How well I remember over the years how he devotedly dropped everything at work to take me to emergency dental appointments.  Now it's my turn to show him how good that felt.

It's easy to forget about the buddies in our lives, or maybe we take them for granted.  For me, buddies are the ones that we call on for help or turn to when we want to have some fun.  Buddies are there for us in stormy weather and sunny weather.  They're caring, considerate, and we feel comfortable having them see us when we're not in tip-top condition.  It's that comfort level that makes them a buddy.

I remember well my working days when I'd come home frustrated, overwhelmed, tired, and just plain in a pissy mood.  Despite the workplace's attempt to devour me, I always had a safety net waiting for me, willing to reassure me or simply set my perspective straight.

My fortune is big, because in my home I have two buddies.  The fuzzy one qualifies with high honors, because, as we joke, she's gonna have to be surgically removed from me one of these days.  I've said to my husband many times that the fuzzy one feels our pains, our heartaches, tears and giggles.  She's tuned in to the Buddy Channel just like we are.  When her daddy is gone for awhile, she sadly lays on the floor with her head pointed to the door that he left out of.  Her tail tends to be still until she hears the car door slam, and then it starts to whip back and forth with tornado-wind strength.  The tail tells all.

In the back of both of our minds is the fear of being left alone.....without that buddy to rely on.  But, rather than dwell on future loneliness, we zero in on the moment.  Even today as we head for oral surgery, we're gonna tease each other, look around at the countryside, we'll toss out our solutions to all the big world problems, and breathe in the refreshing 60 degree weather that is in our forecast.  I'll bring my matie home and make him sit still for awhile.  His mouth will be sore, but I'll take care of that, too.

Mother would be so proud of me...... I've gotten quite good at making jello!