Thursday, March 10, 2011

Challenge #1 - Achievements

What qualifies as an achievement?

  • Something completed successfully; goal reached, an accomplishment
  • Obtaining or receiving (acquisition is a material possession, while an acquirement is a personal skill or knowledge that one gains)
  • Something done, an act or deed
  • An actuality, something that truly exists, is real, the essence, the core of our being
  • A creation, an invention 
  • A carrying out of a responsibility, a performance
  • An effort, work, or exertion, a struggle, an undertaking, a discipline
  • An improvement, making headway, growing or advancing
  • An art, a calling, trade, handiwork
  • A longing, a dream, endurance
  • Something produced, a gain
  • Satisfaction, giving or enjoying a state of comfort, content
  • Track record, a performance history
  • Realization, coming to understand, awareness
  • Stopping point, retirement, pay-off, discontinuance, closure.
I've decided to use Achievement as my #1 exercise for my inspirational Lenten challenge.  My first assignment is to write down (in my trusty spiral notebook) my personal achievements, starting when I was a little girl up to where I am in life now.  I'm not going to try to write them down in any order, but simply as they come to mind.  This will be a work in progress the next 40 days, so I'm not going to get all crazy with it and try to finish it in one day.

My accomplishments won't include stuff like reaching the top of Mt. Everest or swimming the English Channel, but they hold the same importance for me.  The first entry in my Achievement Notebook will be when I was first born.  According to my mother, my little legs and feet were turned seriously inward at birth, and it about broke my parents' hearts.  But, the gentle old doctor immediately taped both of my legs tightly from my toes to my butt, and six weeks later when he removed the tape, my legs and feet were perfectly straight.       

I'll be back tomorrow with Challenge #2.