Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anxious for Spring!

Boy, the owners of this harbor-front property will have quite a shock when they see what the beavers have done to the pretty tree in front of their summer home! 

Yesterday we took a trolley along the Mighty M.  The temperature was in the 40s, and at times we rolled down our windows to feel and inhale deep breaths of fresh air.  Felt wonderful.

Every year when it gets to mid-February, the doldrums hit me.  My bare feet crave the feel of soft green grass, and they want to be dangled off a dock into water.   

Both of us are chomping at the bit to take our Misty Harbor boat out on the Mighty M or on one of the man-made lakes that are within twenty-five miles from home.  We pack a picnic lunch, bottled water, our poles and bait, and off we go.  The fuzzy one tags right along and is game for anything we are. 

The first one to catch a fish buys ice cream cones on the way home!  That's another one of those win-win deals, and I'm more than happy to buy!  If the fish aren't biting and we're both skunked, well, we stop for ice cream cones anyway.