Saturday, January 08, 2011

Winter in Arizona

 Last evening we received a phone call from our dear friends who are leaving this morning to winter in Arizona.  I couldn't help the tears that fell down my face as we said our good-byes.  Then I told myself, oh, for heaven's sake, girl, get a grip.

There is a peace and order to knowing where our friends live.  We don't need to communicate every day or be together.  We just know they are at their home, we are at ours, and all is safe and well.

But, when that scenario changes, and our friends leave their home even for a few months.....well, something just doesn't feel right.  The worry for their safety on the long drive down there bubbles to the top, and we realize just how much our friends mean to us.

We did bridge their four-month absence by making plans for a day trip together when they get back home in April.  It's kind of interesting how we are able to put a band aid even on our emotions.

So it is that we wish our friends a wonderful time in the warmth of the southwest.  We ourselves don't leave home for winter, but we love hearing about the fun things that they do while they are away.  One of their yearly events is to go out into the desert with their friends, pack a picnic to share, and sit out in the dark of night under a full moon.......and howl.  They say it's the wildest, wackiest, and most fun thing ever to experience.  Now, that's what I call living the moment and casting all cares to the coyotes!

Technology will keep us connected, despite the distance.  They will be reading my daily blogs, we will be calling one another on our cell phones, and then there's e-mail.  We are so fortunate to live in a time when it's so easy to give long-distance hugs.

So, MJ and CN, you be safe in your travels, take pictures to share this summer, and have fun in the retirement you both worked so hard to achieve.

Ta-ta from our home to your temporary home in AZ.  And, be sure to give out a healthy howl for me!