Friday, January 07, 2011

The Ten Things That Mean the Most to Me

As I sit here, at an early morning hour, a thought darted through my mind for whatever reason......If I had to hurriedly leave my home forever, what ten things would I absolutely have to take with me?  (In no particular order)

  1. Mom's prayer book and rosary.
  2. Christmas village that I painted.
  3. Two mosaic espresso cups I bought in Italy.
  4. Gramma H's garnet engagement ring she gave me when I was a little girl.
  5. Daddy's favorite flannel shirt that still hangs in my closet.
  6. My Gramma B's English tea pot.
  7. The priceless Scandinavian hearth-stool that my hubby chip-carved just for me.
  8. My first dolly that Gramma H made for me.
  9. My little rocking chair that Mom painted white and put decals on for me.
  10. My four 3-ring binders of single-spaced, typewritten notes from my year's study of the Bible, OT and NT, and my other writings from over the years, published and unpublished.
Looking at my list of treasures, I guess you might call me a sentimental sally.  Sure hope I don't ever need to make a hasty exit from my home, because there are a whole lot of other things around here that mean the world to me.  But, these are the top ten.  Maybe I should put them all in one place so they'd be easy to grab, if need be.  Hmmmmmm.  Not a bad idea.