Saturday, January 22, 2011

ET and Deliverance

Have you ever walked out of a cinema before the film was done?

Yes.  The movie was ET.  For the life of me, I simply couldn't figure out why the poor little alien had to be so ugly.  I remember sitting in the theater wondering why I couldn't find ET lovable, because everyone around me seemed to like him/it.  When I couldn't stand it any longer, I nudged my matie and told him I wanted to leave.  Thank god he felt the same as I, and away we went.  

What was the worst movie ever?

Deliverance.  That movie scarred me forever, and it took years before I regained any sort of admiration for Burt Reynolds. I'll never know why I didn't walk out of the theater on that one.  It was nightmarish and haunting and scared me into never ever wanting to vacation in Georgia.  And, to this day, listening to Dueling Banjos gives me the willies and shivers!