Thursday, December 02, 2010

Red and White Lights

Yesterday, on a whim, we trollied to a larger city for lunch and shopping.  The angels were watching out for us, because we barely missed being hit head-on by an oncoming pickup. The driver was going insanely fast, swerving in and out of the lanes, heading straight for us. If the traffic hadn't been exactly spaced as it was, I wouldn't be blogging today. The driver was either drunk or nuts, or a combination thereof.

We went to the Old Country Buffet for lunch. Their salad selections, entrees, and desserts are pretty hard to beat, as is the price. Their signature Spinach Marie is out of this world.  When my hubby came to the table after filling his plate, he sat down and said to me, "Now I've seen it all. There's a guy back there putting pepper on his jello!"

{Right in the middle of writing this morning's blog, our internet service went down. We called the host provider, and we got a recording that there was an outage in our area. At least we knew there wasn't a problem on our end.  Man, that's frustrating!}

While the computer was down, I decorated our Christmas tree in the living room.  Our tree is one of the narrow evergreens, and we actually keep it up all year long.  It has the white lights affixed permanently to its branches, but this morning I added a 100-bulb string of red lights to it.  The combination of red lights and white lights is prettier than I thought it would be.  Long red sprigs of artificial holly berries and red cardinals bring this year's tree-theme together simply and sweetly.
We re-arranged the den this morning, too, bringing up the exercise bike from the basement and putting it in the den in front of the t.v.  Now I suppose we'll wait and see how often the darned thing will need to be dusted off!

Today's Quote:  "I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month."  -Harlan Miller