Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yesterday's Coffee

Either I'm nuts, or the world is going to hell in a handbasket!

The media is picking up some pretty meaty auction prices lately, don't you think?  A Chinese vase, found while cleaning out a house in London, sold this week for $68 million.  And, how about Bernie Madoff's used boxers and sox selling for $6,000?

Oh, and Tiger seems to be rallying fairly well after his hitting a hazardous hydrant.  I see his new $50 million estate has recently been completed.  Not a bad place for a single man, with a sex addiction, to hang out (oops).  One can only speculate if women will be allowed on the premises.

What bugs me most about all of this is the fact that this morning when I came downstairs I decided to re-heat yesterday's left-over coffee.  Why?  Because the price of coffee is going up.

As I sit here, I try to imagine what life would be like for us Americans if we didn't have the news media spoon-feeding us all this kind of stupid news and giving us our daily mega-doses of human suffering.  We not only have our homes and families to take care of in a recession, but on top of that we have to cope with constant threats of terrorism, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, now a cholera outbreak in Haiti, fear of world hunger and food shortages, global warming, possible UFO sightings and the possibility of aliens descending upon us, and the ever-worsening Mideast wars.  Every disaster on this Earth sits with us in our livingrooms.  We are "on the scene" as the disaster is happening.  News reporters stand in the middle of a hurricane telling us that the wind is picking up with threatening force while their scalp practically blows off their heads.  My memory of the Indonesian tsunami as it came out of the ocean and destroyed a quiet village sticks in my mind and actually haunts me.  How much does all of this horrible stuff really affect the human body and mind?  Could this overload of bad news be the reason we're all taking anti-anxiety pills, or probably should be, so we don't just mentally explode?

Guess I'm just venting my personal angst this morning.  I'm simply one little soul, sitting in my quaint little cottage, thinking thoughts that are way too big for me.  Maybe I oughta work the Sunday crossword and be done with it. I sip yesterday's warmed-up coffee!

Thought for the Day:  If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy.