Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We're Going to England!

Today's blog holds a major announcement.  It's our one and only chance to boast and brag that our "shed-jul" is full for the week of April 29, 2011.  We're about 99% sure that we will be receiving an invitation to the royal wedding.  We're ecstatic, cuz we've never been to the Westminster Abbey before.

But, now the problem is......what to wear.  One thing for sure.....I must don a hat with feathers.  Yup, that's what I'll do.  My husband wears a baseball cap most of the time, but I think he may have to leave that at home. 

Just try to picture the foods that royalty will serve us for an affair of this magnitude.  I'm going to eat until I bust, you can bet on that.  Rumor has it that the royals are going to keep the global recession in mind.  I promise to write several blogs describing the entire experience from the time we leave American soil till we pull back in the driveway.  And, I'm sure we'll have lots of pictures taken with the newlyweds, Queen Mother and Phil, Cam and Chuck, and I'll share those with you as well.

What will the future mother-in-law Camilla wear?  I'm praying that she and I don't choose the same feathery flounce for our heads.  That would be disastrous.  I'm thinking maybe pheasant feathers will adorn my head, and I'm thinking she'll more than likely choose peacock feathers for hers.

I have previously vowed never to wear panty hose again, so this presents a problem for me.  Do you think they will allow their lady guests to wear pants?  Hmmmm.  Guess I've never seen Queen Mother wearing them.  But, rumor has it that Will and Kate are relaxing past stiff royal traditions.  Let's hope so.  Nah, they won't care if I wear my black pants and checkered jacket.  Yup, I think I won't even have to go shopping.....except for that darned hat.  But, there is the possibility that my neighbor boys could shoot a pheasant, we could carefully pluck the long feathers, and I could design my own.  Then it would be an original......and, wouldn't they bloody well envy me then!

I will be so disappointed if we don't receive that precious piece of parchment in the mail.  But, as I said, there's a 99% chance we will, and those are some pretty good odds, I'd say.  Please don't be jealous, now.  After all, I did promise I'll write and tell you all about it! 

Oooooh, I'm so excited I could pee in my pants!  Ta-ta.