Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spectacular Unfolding of Seasons

The furnace kicked in a minute ago.  Brrrrrrrrr.  It' must be 'told outtide.'

Yesterday we bought groceries for our Thanksgiving dinner here at home.  We'll have shrimp cocktails for appetizers, a big bird dinner with all the trimmings, with a pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  Most likely after we polish off our plates, we'll fall flat on our couch and recliner into deep digestive naps.

I bought a bag of fresh cranberries, cuz I like to put them in champagne.  They bob up and down with the bubbles,  plus they're a pretty garnish this time of year for any refreshment.  Cranberries are supposed to be good for our innards, and we do buy cranberry juice all year long to incorporate into our diets.  As I've said before, tart foods are appealing to my palate, so I can eat cranberries right out of the bag.

After we were finished grocery shopping and stopped at the pharmacy for our drug refills, we decided to take another one of our day drives.  The weather was far too nice to go right back home.  We stopped at a small-town cafe, and both of us ordered the special of the day which was scalloped potatoes and ham.  Served with green beans, choice of salad, a biscuit with butter.  The potatoes were prepared with a white sauce, just like what I make at home.

Christmas music was piped out into the streets, and that really put us in the mood to walk through stores, and sample Christmas cookies.  One shop had all sorts of dips and chips for sampling plus hot apple cider.  We had fun looking at all the things for sale, and, in fact, we bought two Christmas gifts.

The candy store sold old-fashioned hard dipper ice cream cones.  My hubby asked if I would like one.  I simply put my arm out and said, "twist it."  Omigod, the pecan praline was a swirl of vanilla ice cream, pecans, and caramel.  We both slurped and licked.  Talk about satisfying the sweet teeth!

Winter is definitely tip-toeing in.  We stopped to take a photo of ice forming on a waterway.  Mother Nature doesn't charge admittance to her art gallery.  One can stay as long as one wants, loiter, admire, and return the next day for an entirely new display.

Today we're going to make Thanksgiving treats for our neighbors. Each holiday I try to come up with something original.  This year we'll be making Pilgrim hats out of cookies, peanut butter cups, and frosting.  For the buckle I'll use orange Tic Tacs because I couldn't find Chicklets.  One of our big blessings at this stage of life is having a neighborhood of young people who have grown to be like our family.