Thursday, November 04, 2010

All Kinds of Changes Happening

Iowans have spoken the big word, "Enough."  Just imagine that the Chief Justice and two other Supreme Court Judges are being removed from the bench.  This shows that the majority of people in Iowa were not in favor of the same-sex marriages imposed upon Iowans in 2009.  Iowa may be a little cornfield in the middle of the country, but Iowans sure aren't afraid to stand up to the political activists with radical agendas. 

When it comes to same-sex relationships, I stay quiet.  It's something I can't fathom.  Fortunately, I never had any problem being attracted to the other sex.  Men, that is.  I might be 64, but there ain't a male tush that I don't look at and admire, unless, of course, we're talking plumbers butt.  I was raised in a terribly strict Catholic family, and the fear of the lord was planted in me early on with regard to that "word" we couldn't mention back  Now that I'm older, I wish to god that I'd have been wild and taken advantage of my happy hormones when they were their happiest.  But, momma and daddy didn't want me bringing home a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes for them to raise, nor did they want our 'pristine' family marred by my sinfulness.  In the end, their strict Catholic agenda resulted in no babe at all from me.  
Today our great-niece is driving over to spend the day with us.  She fits in perfectly to our day trips, so we are going to re-visit a place that the three of us were to last summer.  About 30 miles from where we live, as part of a conservation project, a river dam has been filled in and terraced with huge rocks.  We were so impressed when we first saw it the other evening that we had to take pictures.  Today's plans will include lunch in a local restaurant to celebrate our niece's 22nd birthday.  She's an amazing young gal, who survived four open-heart surgeries.  She has pretty much done what the Mayo doctors didn't think was possible.  So, we're looking forward to taking her for a fun outing.

Dam Before Project

After the Project
My hubby went out side a minute ago and came back in for a jacket. He said it's darn cold out there. I see the flag and tree branches are all doing the jig, so I'd best go find me a sweatshirt to don for the day. Ahhhh, this is my time of year!

Today's Trivia: In Eastern Africa you can buy banana beer. This beer is brewed from banana.