Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Times

Was it ever delicious!!!!!!!

Yesterday we trollied to a family get-together, arriving early enough for the bloody marys with stalks of celery and spears of dill pickles.  For me and my sister-in-law on my husband's side, bloody marys are like that first kick of the football.  After two of those lovely drinks, the party only got better.

The brothers deep-fried the turkey outside by the garage.  Good common sense guided them through the frying of the bird, and I have pictures to prove it. Forty-five minutes is all it took for the 15-lb sacrificial bird to reach the desired 180-degree internal temperature.  Because this was a first-time experience for the family, we girls were like the paparazzi moving in from every angle to get a good shot of the victim. 

The crispy critter was extracted from the sizzling oil, placed on a cake pan, and carried to the house for carving.  My brother-in-law carved, while the rest of us reached for samples.  Moist.  Tender.  Out of this universe good.

Just goes to show that no matter how old or how young we are, first times are healthy and invigorating.  All of us remember our "first times."  The funny thing is, they don't have to be big deals.  First times can be trying a new recipe, taking a gravel road instead of the usual highway, buying a new shade of lipstick or nail polish, finding a different tree for the deer stand, visiting a new restaurant, planting a new variety of flower....or frying, instead of baking, the Thanksgiving turkey!

In fact, just last week I experienced a first-time in the grocery store.  I was in the cookie aisle when I noticed a small green box of Key Lime Cookies.  The box said the flavor was inspired by the Caribbean, would bring my palate to life, and if for any reason in the world I didn't just love them, the World Table would refund my money. The cookies are about the size of a quarter, dusted with powder sugar, and anyone who likes the flavor of the key lime will swoon over their savory blend of sour and sweet.  The only problem is that I'll be spending more time in the cookie aisle.....looking for the green box of goodies!

Having fun with life is really so simple, isn't it? 

Today's Trivia:  An old custom in many families is to make a wish on the wishbone.  The turkey breastbone is cleaned and two people get a chance to make a wish by snapping the dried bone with each one pulling on an end.  The person with the larger end of the bone gets the wish--and that's how we got the phrase, a "lucky break."