Thursday, November 18, 2010

100 Things About Me

Wasn't sure I could do it........but, I did. 

Six months ago I followed an inner beckoning to design and create my Retired Nature Weaver blog site.  I remember being apprehensive about sharing my thoughts and opinions.  Before that, my writings were kept private in spiral notebooks, tucked away in drawers. Now, my morning ritual requires my digging in forgotten places of my memory for things to write about.  Blogging has enriched my retirement by allotting time each day for my passion for writing.  Without it, a good part of me would be dormant.

So, this week is my 6-month blog anniversary, and I was trying to think of a challenging blog to commemorate this mini milestone.  I asked  myself what I would like to know about a person whose blogs I was following.  Hmmmm.  There was my answer.  I challenged myself to come up with a list of 100 things about myself to share with my faithful followers.  Here is the end result of that personal challenge.

  1. like my steak medium well.
  2. am a Leo.
  3. am seriously afraid of heights.
  4. dislike shopping for clothes.
  5. The little girl in me!
  6. love to walk barefoot through water puddles.
  7. have recurring dreams of being on stage in a school play and forgetting my lines.
  8. am a defensive driver
  9. have never had a driving violation.
  10. eat my popcorn unbuttered.
  11. wear glasses.
  12. wear size 7 shoe.
  13. eat with a small salad fork.
  14. like my coffee strong.
  15. had my tonsils and adenoids and appendix removed.
  16. am the baby of the family.
  17. love thunderstorms so long as they aren't threatening.
  18. am a morning person.
  19. have brown eyes.
  20. prefer silver jewelry over gold jewelry.
  21. like raisin bran and cream of wheat cereals.
  22. gotta have ketchup.
  23. have one luxury--Chanel No. 5 perfume.
  24. am spiritual, not religious.
  25. sleep with a pillow over my eyes.
  26. bought a black Ford Falcon for my first car.
  27. had the mumps when I was a kid.
  28. chose brown velvet for my bridesmaids dresses.
  29. miss Johnny Carson before bedtime.
  30. would like to live in Maine.
  31. don't like having my picture taken.
  32. weigh the most I ever have.
  33. have a good sense of direction.
  34. can write my name backwards.
  35. don't drink milk.
  36. own too many crochet hooks.
  37. have been told I have cute feet.
  38. like the British comedy, "Keeping Up Appearances."
  39. like playing mahjong.
  40. got my first job at age 14, retired at 59, worked 45 years.
  41. am worn out.
  42. took piano lessons for 9 years.
  43. don't know how to swim.
  44. never wear anything sleeveless.
  45. still have two wisdom teeth.
  46. love reading by the fireplace.
  47. don't ride roller coasters or other carnival rides.
  48. own too many spiral notebooks.
  49. get my contentment from Mother Nature.
  50. like deep discussions and getting to know what other people think.
  51. like Chardonnay wine.
  52. prefer quaint taverns and bars.
  53. don't care for beer.
  54. am afraid of basements.
  55. go crazy for chocolate cake with ice cream and caramel sauce.
  56. love taking afternoon naps.
  57. have no allergies.
  58. don't like overhead lighting, only table or floor lamps.
  59. love freshly washed bedsheets.
  60. always sleep with at least a sheet over me.
  61. love to study and learn new things.
  62. look awful in pastel colors.
  63. like sunny side up eggs, soft centers to dip toast in.
  64. oftentimes like animals more than people.
  65. love to sit on a dock and splash my feet in the water.
  66. work lots of crossword puzzles.
  67. think I want to be cremated.
  68. have learned to say the word 'no.'
  69. enjoy attending cultural events.
  70. have a warm internal temperature setting.
  71. have a special place in my heart for bluebells.
  72. collect quotations.
  73. look in the night sky for the Big Dipper because it grounds me.
  74. dislike cottage cheese.
  75. pick up unusual rocks wherever I go.
  76. have never found a four-leaf clover.
  77. cherished my Gramma, and she died when I was 12.
  78. wear hoodies.
  79. have seen the Northern Lights.
  80. have several nicknames.
  81. wish I was left-handed like daddy was.
  82. have common sense.
  83. am dependable.
  84. am silly.
  85. would like to attend a piano concert at Carnegie Hall.
  86. am compassionate.
  87. can get quite pissy at times.
  88. see things either black or white, no gray areas.
  89. was born in rural America.
  90. believe that 'stupid is as stupid does.'
  91. find the older I get, the harder it is for me to trust others.
  92. am low maintenance.
  93. can read multiple books at the same time.
  94. spent one year studying the Old and New Testaments.
  95. won't ever wear pantyhose again.
  96. have a Santa collection.
  97. am a yard sale and second-hand/thrift store junkie
  98. suffer horrible heartache when I hear or see cruelty to animals.
  99. don't care for people who are full of themselves.
  100. like lobster and broiled scallops.
  101. like tart apples right off the tree.
TA-DA!  Hey, that was fun.  Maybe we tend to focus so much on what others are doing that we fail to zoom in our selves.  I think, too, that a list like this would be really neat to pass down to children and grandchildren.  Then they'll be able to figure out where their individual quirks are coming from! 

Oh, by the way, I've added another poll.  This time it's about cookies....the kind we eat!