Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursdays Thoughts

Well, my Rangers got waxed last night.  Actually, neither team looked like Series material, but they did their best and which one of us can ask for more. Maybe tonight will be a different story.

Our little clan is up earlier than usual.  Still dark outside.  The java has a whomp to it, and that's just as I like it.  If I want weak coffee, I'll drink warm tap water.   Whoever gets up first, makes the coffee.  That's an unwritten rule of the household.  Just like whoever gets up last makes the bed.

I have to remember to send a birthday card to Bill Gates.  He's turning 55 today.  Should have gotten it in the mail sooner, but we've been "so busy."  (If you are looking for something fun to do today, google Video: Virtual Tour of Bill Gates' House.)

"I want my couch."
Still windy outside.  Something tells me that if we want to keep physically fit this winter, we're going to have to fire up the tread mill that's now serving us well as a clothes hanger.  There's enough exercise equipment in our basement to start a fitness club, yet none of it gets used. 

Over the years I've belonged to TOPS (take off pounds sensibly), Weight Watchers, gone to Curves, Anytime Fitness, and have tried every diet from the grapefruit to drinking glasses of chocolate and strawberry-flavored Slender.  Without all those youthful efforts, I'd probably have to be hauled off to the sale barn to be weighed on a livestock scale.  So, it's a good thing that I've always tried.  Can remember my jogging days, my yoga days, my sit-up days, my walking days, but the steam is't quite as powerful as it once was.  Now I'd just as soon settle for the couch or recliner, my blankie, and a good book.  I think it was personal vanity that sparked the fires of my ego when I was young.  Now, staying alive is the only motivator I have left to keep myself moving.

Honestly, I think the media scares us more than necessary.  If they really cared about our health, why do they put the oozy-goozy food commercials on prime time television? 

The so-called experts get us all hyped up with their malarky.  Everything that tastes good will eventually kill us, and the stuff that tastes like crap will keep us alive forever.  One day eggs are bad for us, the next day they're good for us.  Count carbs, count fat grams, eat this, don't eat that.  Everything healthy has a higher price tag, too, have you noticed?  Merchandisers messing with our minds and our wallets, that's what it is.  We get suckered into believing everything "they" say.  Our grandparents lived to be in their 80s, yet they ate fried foods and perhaps drank a bit more fire water than necessary.  Some days I get tired of feeling guilty if I eat a piece of pie or cake.  Why can't I simply let myself enjoy the blessings of delicious!  I'm not going to want to live to be so old that they have to put me in a rest home anyway.  We all know what that place really is.....the cemetery parking lot.   

P.S.  Hey, I believe I read somewhere that today is National Chocolate Day!  Remember that dark chocolate is beneficial to our muscles and circulation.  Now, that's the kind of vitamin this chick likes to take...and will!