Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tigers That Don't Purr

Hey, Sunshine, the scotcharoos are very yummy!  Thanks for stopping by for our fun visit yesterday. 

Early this morning the hubby put together a ham and bean soup in the crockpot.  Tis the season for comfort foods, stews and soups.  We had bought a bone-in ham and last evening had scalloped potatoes and ham.  For those, I make the basic bechamel, or white sauce out of butter, flour, milk, salt, and pepper.  Cheese could be added, too, but we prefer to hold back on some of the calories.

There's a new series called "Freaky Eaters" that follows a different person each episode who has an extremely restricted diet, often to the point of eating only one thing.  One gal ate only french fries, and a guy ate only pizza.  The series gives insight to dangerous food addictions that I didn't realize exist. 
Taming the Tigers Within Us
I think we humans each have some kind of haunting and daunting weakness that we have to live with.  We're born to tame our tigers.  After watching a series like the freaky eaters, I can't help but be thankful that I have only two foods that I don't care for.  Raw fish and cottage cheese.  Nevertheless, portion control is the food tiger I must wrestle with every day of my life.

Am hearing the honking of Canadian Geese flying over the house this morning.  Their V-formations and their honking sounds are distinct and indicative of the arrival of a new season.  Mother Nature is sounding her trumpets!

Today's trivia question:  Why was the Animal Crackers box designed with a string handle?