Sunday, September 19, 2010

Night Whispers

Ooooooh, the warm fuzzies wrapped me tight last night as I snuggled in bed after an evening spent with very special friends. Happy thoughts of a twenty-four carat evening eased me into a sea of slumber, and I remember whispering to my Creator, "thank you for them" before drifting off.

Where is she???
There is a local lady who walks her Dachshund past our house every day.  The stubby-legged little guy has to come down a steep hill and then back up the hill to make this daily trek.  The lady is at least 6 feet tall with long legs, but little Hudinka manages to keep up with her long strides.  Actually, there's an ulterior motive that propels those little legs.....and that is the cute little girl Bichon living in our house.  It's such a kick watching him strut his stuff, water the trees in the boulevard, and then stop to kick the grass with his back legs, as he looks toward our front door in the hopes that his little girlfriend is watching.  Well, I'm sorry if he entertains canine thoughts of romance, because this mother will see to it that the love affair never blossoms!

"Hudinka" is Czech and means something like little sweetheart.  My Gramma used to call us grand kids that when she'd bring us close to her apron for a hug.  It's pronounced Hood-yinka with a Czech twist that makes the Y sound like a J.  My parents both spoke Czech, and it was their weapon of last resort when it came time to settling disputes between their precious offspring(s)! 

Oops, the doorbell just rang, and we are invited over to the neighbors' home for a piece of apple pie that's baking in their oven.  Guess I'll be whispering another special "thank you" at bed time tonight!

Sunday blessings to all.

Today's Trivia:  The Dachshund, meaning "badger dog" in German, is a breed with a friendly personality and keen sense of smell.  Known for their long and low bodies, they are eager hunters that excel in both above-and-below-ground work.  The Dachshunds were first bred in the early 1600s in Germany.  The goal was to create a fearless, elongated dog that could dig the earth from a badger burrow and fight to the death with the vicious badgers.