Friday, August 27, 2010

Trivia: Something of small importance

I enjoy trivia and have decided to include one bit of it here each day.  The trivia question or statement will appear at the bottom of each of my blogs. Trivia is a fun way to learn silly, actually unimportant things, yet is a neat way to incorporate fresh thoughts into the old noggin'.  Gets us to think about stuff we wouldn't ordinarily think about.   

This morning we're trolleying over to have my coumadin level tested.  The hike into the hospital will count as my walk for the day.  I'll walk from the hospital entrance to the clinic and back out.  Me and my trusty little walker, which I affectionately call my convertible. 

Okay, let's see what else I can jabber about here.  I'm reading the book "Jewel" that I picked up for a $1 at a local "elite repeat" store.  It has the Oprah Book Club stamp on the cover, which made me think it would be a very good read. The story unfolds in slow-paced Mississippi.  Jewel and her husband, Leston, have five children and then they have their sixth child, Brenda Kay, who is Mongoloid.  The author, Bret Lott, does an amazing job of tellling the story through Jewel's first-person voice, weaving the past with the present in a subtle, yet comprehendible, way.  Jewel carries within her scars of a painful past, yet since a little girl she chooses her moves carefully with a determined spirit to overcome anything life drops onto her.  A real page-turner. 

Before my surgery, I bought 5 books to get me through the ordeal.  "Jewel" is the fourth one I've read.  So, perhaps I will go to the local used-store for more.  The original prices on these books have ranged from $14.95 to $24.95, and I buy them for 50 cents or $1, depending if they're soft or hard cover.

Temperatures are supposed to rise again today, but right now we have the front door open and a cool air passes through the screen door making our house quite comfy.  Our little fur ball needs to go to her puppy salon, cuz she's huffing and puffing alot.  Bichons are adorable with long fur, but hers is so thick and curly, that she gets uncomfortably warm in this heat.  Poor little girl has taken the back seat to my surgery.  In the next week or two it will be her turn.

Today's Trivia
According to Japanese legend, a sick person will recover if they fold 1,000 of what type of origami?
Choose One Answer:  (a)  Dragon  (b)  Fish  (c)  Frog or (d)  Crane.