Saturday, August 28, 2010

French, elastic, butterflies...........

First, let me applaud Ruthie and M.J. for their swift (and correct) answers to yesterday's trivia question.  The correct answer was Cranes.

I haven't a clue what made me think about this, but why are so many things connected to "french."  Like, the french fry, french toast, the french horn, and the french kiss, french-onion soup, french dressing, french-cut green beans, french bread, and what are the french hens we sing about in the "12 Days of Christmas?"  The french knot, the french manicure, the french poodle, french roast coffee, the 1960s french twist hair style, french vanilla ice cream, and french doors.  Hmmmmm.  If any of my followers can think of more things that are "french," please leave them in the comments. 

We've never eaten in a true French restaurant, so can't opine about the food.  My first thought of a French Restaurant is "fancy shmancy."  Oh, those places are nice, but not for me anymore.  I'd rather go to the roadside tavern or bar that might serve their over-sized signature burger.  It's just fun to pull up a chair, sit down to a simple table, and enjoy the camaraderie of down-home people who are on the same wave length and same level as we.  Share good conversation, maybe crack a joke or two, and turn a stranger into an acquaintance that we may remember for a long time after.

Following retirement, I joyously purged the suits and dress clothes I wore to work.  In their place, now hang only comfy, loose-fitting slacks and tops that don't restrict or bind.  Life is too short for this chick to be uncomfortable.  I worship the Goddess of Elastic and thank her every day for her fine contribution to the female wardrobe.  When I watch teenage girls having to lay down on a bed so they can zip up their blue jeans, I shriek and I hurt.  I won't comment about the tiny underpants (or thongs) that the girls wear now days.  I will say, tho, that I myself wore thongs at one time, but I wore them on my feet!!!!

Have you noticed the yellow butterflies flitting around?  the crickets chirping?  Yup, autumn is creeping in.  The cornfields are turning from green to brown, and soon the combines will be gathering the harvest.  The Pampas Grass has made its regal appearance along the roadsides now, too.

Today's Trivia
Clusters of bananas are known as hands, consisting of 15 to 20 bananas, which are known as fingers.