Monday, August 09, 2010

Jitters and cute cukes!

About one inch of rain fell during the night, along with thunder and lightning.  We tend to hit the rack quite late these nights, so we carefully listened first to the thunder in the distance and as it gradually came closer and became louder.  The rain fell in sheets, with enough force to knock down one of our tall sunflowers in the backyard.  Now the morning sun shines, and nature and its creatures are oh so pleased to have gotten a refreshing bath. I think there's chance of heavy rains again tonight.

Today begins my pre-op stuff at the hospital.  I just received a phone call from the gal at the hospital who coordinates surgeries and informs patients of what they can expect.  She will meet with me this afternoon at 3 o'clock, with the goal of easing the apprehension that eats away at surgery patients.  A dear friend has given me a walker to use during this escapade, and I can't help but cringe when I look at the thing.  I can tell already that hip surgery is going to be one frickin' humbling experience. 

There's alot involved with having surgery that one doesn't stop to think about.  Like wearing the stupid surgical stockings to prevent blood clotting.  I'm being fitted for those today, as well.  They haven't said yet how long I'll have to wear them, but if they'll help me not croak, then I'll wear them.  I guess I just want to be able to walk again, and be my old self so badly, that I'm prepared to do whatever is necessary.  Life sucks when the joints wear out.  But, I'm not going to lay down and play dead just because some silly hip bone decides it's worn out. I also have a pre-op exam this afternoon with my family physician to check my blood pressure and my ticker.  For someone who absolutely despises going to doctors, this is no box of chocolates!

Right after we get this medical hooplah over with, then we're heading straight out to the local campground to be with the M's where a good stiff drink will await plus some good old-fashioned joking and laughter and love.  Knowing their company awaits me, I can get through pretty much anything.

To change to a lighter subject, this weekend I was introduced to a new garden goody.  The lemon cucumber.  Now, isn't that about the cutest?