Friday, July 23, 2010

A Tribute To a Family Pet

Thanks, Ali, for the question you posed in your comment to yesterday's blog regarding what to call a person who isn't either a morning person or a night owl.  In my reply I suggested perhaps "day dreamers," but that doesn't really nail it.  So, I'm throwing this one out there for suggestions from my readers.  What do you think people are called who aren't really morning people or night people?  Let's come up with a name for 'em.  Time to scratch our heads.......

Mr. Coffee is earning its keep in the kitchen.  I'm not exactly sure why the manufacturers of kitchen appliances, like the coffee maker, cannot come up with some way to make them quieter.  Toward the end of its perking cycle, it makes a sound like a kid that won't stop sucking through a straw when he gets to the bottom of a malt cup.

We received sad news last evening that our nephew's family lost their pet Siberian Husky, Z--, who has been part of our family for a good number of years.  My heart aches for them.  The pain of losing a pet is a pain like no other.  The only comfort I can pass on to this gentle little family is to reassure them that they provided Z with the very best life, care, and love that any pet on this earth could ever hope for.  And, that, my dear ones, was very obvious to all of us.  I'm sorry, so sorry, and, we, too, will miss those beautiful chrystal blue eyes.

Our 4-legged friends are just that.  Friends.  Buddies.  Pals.  They're always ready to stand by our side and go along with us wherever we go.  They don't care what we wear, they don't care if our hair is a mess, or about any of our other human silliness. 

Pets leave us with an emptiness that brings torrents of tears and waves of hurt way deep down inside us.  We miss their presence.  Their companionship.  We miss how they walk beside us, communicate with us, warn us of danger, get accustomed to the family routine, and are ever ready to defend and protect.  That is their joy.  That is their fulfillment.  Thank goodness that Our Creator installed in us some sort of mechanism that lets the accumulation of days, months, and years tenderly sew back together the rips inside our torn hearts.

I realize that it's very hard for a sad family to go out and find another pet when this happens, but, yet, after awhile that's the only way to keep that love going--by finding another little canine soul to be the lucky recipient of what I call pooch smooches.  And, heaven knows, this family has an abundance of them!

So, good-bye, Z--, we will all miss you. Your best Siberian friend, A--, must be be lost without you.  You knew it was time to go, as your beautiful life has been fulfilled. In the days ahead, may Our Creator watch over those you have left behind.

Love, Auntie T