Thursday, July 22, 2010

Morning Inspirations

Our front window is splattered with raindrops, and the clouds are floating as though something is chasing them.  Early morning thunder and lightning dropped 1-1/2" of rain and made for the perfect morning to roll over and sleep just a little bit longer.  One's pillow feels softer and the deepest slumber often comes right before it's time to get up.

One of the highlights of retirement is not having to set the alarm clock.  After over 40 years of having that annoying little gadget scream at us every morning at 5 o'clock, it is peace on earth to be able to sleep until we feel like getting up.  The result of those many years of being an early riser molded me into a morning person.  Once I have that first cup of strong coffee to clear out the cobwebs, I kick into gear and my brain functions at its best.  Don't they say we're either morning stars or night owls?

I'm thinking of the many things that we label with the first part of the day.  The morning paper, morning glory,  morning sickness, morning coffee, morning after, morning prayer, morning dew, morning edition, morning person, morning call, morning drive, on and on and on and on.  So much of our lives revolves around the early hours, and we forget just how neat it is to have a fresh start every 24 hours.  Reminds me of the Magic Slate we played with as kids.  We could write on it, and then lift the page up, and the writing would magically disappear and, voila, we'd have another "clean slate." 

I once read a poem about how the morning tip-toes around through the darkness looking for the dawn. Poets are gifted with the talent of phrasing their thoughts in such beautiful ways.  I love poetry, but I'm not particularly keen on the rhyming poetry.  I prefer free verse which, to me, is less disciplined.  I've played around writing my own poems over the years, and sometimes the words mysteriously enter my mind and seep their way down through my arms and fingers onto the keyboard without any effort on my part.  Kinda eerie, actually.  Then when I read it, I ask myself, "where'd that come from?"

So it is that morning is fleeting and our day unfolding.  Best scoot and get busy with something or other now that we've nibbled away a few slices of homemade zucchini bread and emptied a pot of coffee.  More than likely the day will pass in a quiet cadence which is as we like it.

Morning once again sings its sweet song!