Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Thanks, M.J. !

Gotta tell you about the phone call I got today from M.J..  They had been RVing along the Mighty Mississippi this past week, and she called to respond to my earlier blog where I wondered if fish flies actually served any bona fide purpose.  Well, while she and her husband were relaxing in their lawn chairs, they watched robins and other black-colored birds eating the fish flies, and the robins literally stuffed their beaks so full that the flies hung out of their beaks like little beards.  The black-colored birds jumped off the ground up into the air to trap flying ones in their beaks.  So it is that we have concluded that the short-lived fish flies do actually serve a purpose other than being pesky and terribly messy.  The birds like 'em and will devour 'em, dead or alive.

Just wondering, M.J.,.......did you happen to take photos of the frenzied fish flies flying frightened for freedom while feathered fowl feasted on the fish flies?