Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Clouds, Calm, and Crosses

First, let me thank M.J. and J.T. for their interesting  feedback in response to my fish fly blog a while ago.  My blog host has been experiencing problems with "comments," but this morning I see that all is fixed and the comments are showing beneath my blogs as they should.  J.T.'s comment can be read  beneath "Thanks, M.J."  Also, if you scroll way down to the bottom of this page, you'll be able to read all the comments about my blogsite.  Always feel free to add your input to any of my blogs.  I love hearing from you!!!     

Sure is foggy.  My hip does not like this weather one bit.  Would appreciate some cooler weather.  My husband just came in from his morning walk, and he says it's awfully humid and also thundering.  So, we know what's close by. 

Yesterday we had our vehicle serviced, and had to take it in anyway because we had received a recall notice.  Something to do with the transmission.  Our dealer needed to reprogram something or other, and so they did that, changed the oil, checked it's heart and soul, and now we're good to go.  They gave us a loaner car to drive, and it looked good on the outside but was pretty rickety on the highway.  We did manage to drive it far enough to have breakfast and then brought it back with the "gasoline warning light" on.  We didn't want to stick any money into the jalopy, so we were thankful when we parked it back in the lot.  At one point we thought we'd have to coast into the parking lot!

The road we took to the car dealership was being resurfaced, and so we had to sit and wait.  Sit and wait.  And, then a little chickie poo came flying up with the pace car and led us on our way past the orange cones that protected the one side of the highway.  Why is it that it's so difficult for us to sit and wait?  But, we had an 8 a.m. appointment, and we like to be on time. 

Today we're staying put.  I crochet comfort crosses for a local rest home, and they emailed me yesterday to say that they have only three left.  So, I'm gonna get to 'hooking' here and make some more.  My comfort crosses are given to the dying for them to hold for comfort.  My husband's mother was given a soft cross while she was dying--one that the rest home had purchased--so I decided to design my own and simply donate them.  We have tremendous respect for the facility that cared for both of our mothers, and this is my humble form of appreciation.  There is nothing more satisfying than knowing one's parent is in the hands of loving, caring, and respectful people.  And, ours were.

I see rain falling already.  The East Coast is getting hit with scorching temperatures, too.  Typical summer discomforts.  The leaves on the trees are ever so still.  The calm before the storm.  When I was a little girl on the farm, I remember how the cows used to run with their tails up in the air before a storm, and then they'd huddle together beneath a tree.  Isn't it incredible how animals can sense the elements of nature?  Just like when the tsunami hit the Indonesian area, they felt all the animals were okay because they had fled to higher ground.

Gee whiz, the coffee tastes great.  Here's a cha-chink to all my friends who are having a cup right now.  Have a great day no matter what the atmospheric conditions may be where you live.  Looks like I'm gonna busy myself being a hooker!  Ta-ta