Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Human Silliness

"I think you're slipping" were the words my husband understandingly said to me yesterday when we were well on our way for a road trip and I realized I hadn't taken my morning meds.  The worst part was that I'd not replaced the single supply that I usually carry with me in my purse.  I felt so bad, but the biggest asset in my life is my husband's easy-going attitude.  He merely turned our vehicle around, smiled at me, and said, "everything is good for something."

So it is that more and more we forget, we misplace, we do silly stuff that probably ten years ago we wouldn't have done.  Maybe it's just the fact that now we're older and our age gets blamed for anything we screw up.  I clearly remember the time when I was much younger that I put a package of new pantyhose in the refrigerator as I was unpacking our groceries.  If I'd do that today, well......you get the picture.

Turning back and getting my meds into my system was far more important than the time we lost.  And, what is time to the retired?  We're all so programmed, I think, to bust our buns flitting  around doing this and that, trying not to get 'caught' doing nothing, and why?

At one point in my life I was a "watch watcher" and that was a bad habit.  The clock ruled my life until one day I said to myself, "that's it....no more!"  That was the day I quit wearing a watch and eased up on my Type A behavior.  And, it worked.  If you see me wearing a watch today, it will be for one of two reasons:  1)  I'm wearing it simply as a piece of jewelry, or 2) I'm going to have to meet someone at a certain time if we're shopping.  That's it. 

I'm living proof that we can change ourselves dramatically if we truly want to.  My high gear has eased down to nearly neutral, it's more like I'm idling.  There's no need for me to fly around anymore trying to have everything the way I "think" it oughta be.  Like I always say, what would happen if I'd die today?  The world will nicely keep spinning and life will go on like I'd never been here.  The wrinkles would smooth themselves out quickly.
While we were driving yesterday, we were visiting about our society's views on human weight.  Let's start with television ads.  At prime times they sprawl before us 2-ply hamburgers dripping with goodness, ice cream sundaes slathered in hot chocolate, and slices of pizza with mozarella strings about a foot long.  They know how to bait us on the one side of the fence.  Then, on the other side of the fence we have the industry that supplies us with diet pills, diet foods, weight control organizations, exercise facilities with high membership fees, and the medical field that makes millions on stapling our stomachs.  Egads, what a swirl of human silliness.

I've been doing a silly survey the last while, and when I'm people-watching, I imagine every person as a little vehicle.  That's all we really are, you know.  Then I decide what category each person would fit into.  For instance, there was a check-out gal in a store that was so short she could barely see the key pad on the check-out computer.  Well, I labeled her as one of the little cars they're making now that's about a fourth of the size of a regular car.  When I see a big stocky guy, well, he'd fit into the "semi" category.  This has been more fun for me, and has put an entirely new spin on the human body.  It's so less judgmental.  After all, our society is supposedly so careful not to discriminate.  Well, what do they call it when they look unfavorably upon the 'flesh-enhanced'? 

So, if I'm categorizing everyone else, I'd best do the same for myself.  I'm probably a 4-wheel-drive SUV and will tend to changing my oil, filling my tank with premium fuel, and getting serviced regularly.  I'll drive the speed limit, watch for oncoming traffic, keep myself between the lines, and will be careful not to park myself under a tree where a bird could poop on my windshield!