Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crank Up the Fans

Yowza, it's gonna be a scorcher today.  Plus, I think thunderstorms are in the forecast to start around noon.  Dew points to exceed 100.  As I look out the window, the air looks heavy, almost foreboding.  I pity those who must work outdoors in this dangerous weather, as well as the confined animals.  I pray people tend to their pets properly, giving them water and. at the very least, some shade.  Our Bichon doesn't know how lucky she is to live with retired parents who are here to refill her water dish and turn on the ceiling fan to circulate the air.  Her coat is very thick, and in this heat she stretches herself out on the tile floor or the wooden floors downstairs.   

This sweltering heat makes me think of my dad working road construction back in the 60s.  His job was working with the tar kettle for sealing the lines in the highways. He used to call it his tar "kittle."  Migod, how he must've suffered on those awfully hot days. He was one tough cookie, never once complained about his job, but instead would call attention to those mighty fine black strips in the roads their crew worked on.

Nothing too spectacular hovers over our day.  Honestly, in this type of mid-summer weather, we stay indoors where we belong.  One of my complaints when I was younger was how the older folks would be out and about in the worst kinds of weather, in both summer and winter.  So, somewhere along the line I vowed to be smart and not put myself in any line of fire.  Maybe I'll go rummage through the attic and pick out a couple of things to sell on eBay.  Oh, that reminds me, I have a great opportunity to be part of a garage sale this coming weekend, and if all goes right, we will try to do that.  Every object in this house is currently "at risk."

We had friends over for a simple supper on the patio last evening.  Spending time with our friends is #1 on our list of life's best things.  The years we have left are getting fewer, but relationships are growing dearer.  We especially like doing things on a whim.  Last eve we called this other couple at 5:45 p.m. to see if they could join us for supper.  They said, "sure" and were here within the half hour.  We simply set aside our cares and tended to camaraderie.  A couple of cool drinks, a simple meal, a few hearty laughs, and, for us, that's sliding into home plate!