Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Sighting

We've been keeping a close watch for the baby fawns that come into the world this time of year. On our way out of town yesterday, I was jabbering away about something when I saw a momma deer and baby along a hayfield. My husband turned the car around in the nearest driveway so we could take a picture, but by the time we got the digital turned on and zoomed in, two white tails were hopping away from us into the woods. The little one jumped behind her momma, and was already learning the skillful arts of alertness and speed.

This year again we have a deer behind the house that comes out on the back lawn and nibbles on tree leaves. We're thinking maybe she has a fawn, but she hasn't brought the little one out yet for us to 'ooooh and aaaaah' at. Isn't it incredible how Mother Nature dresses fawns in camouflaged outfits and keeps them free from any odor so as to protect them from other animals that would harm them!

The book "Bambi" influenced all of us as we were growing up. We remember Bambi like we remember learning how to tie our shoes. Every time I see a fawn, Bambi flashes through my mind. It feels good today having "spotted" the first Bambi of the year!!!!!