Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Season

The first spring berries are ready! That's almost as big a deal as the mardi gras in my world. I love strawberries right from the vine, in pies, jams, shortcakes, and daiquiris. Probably my absolute #1 favorite way to eat a strawberry is to dip it in chocolate, roll it in crushed Heath Bars, and then dip it in whipped cream!!!!! (just gained a pound)

Strawberries actually belong to the rose family, and this picture is a simple way of making a fancy 'rose' shortcake with only two strawberries! Isn't it pretty?

Sure is a dreary day with good chance of showers and storms. Yesterday was hot and awfully humid. That's the part of summer I like least. The best place for me on muggy days is in airconditioning. Just can't take it anymore. What did we do in the days before airconditioners? One oscillating fan served as relief for one household back then, and it was the size of a plate. I remember being told not to stick my fingers in it and not sit directly in front of the fan or I'd catch cold. We have ceiling fans downstairs, and now we're going to put them in the upstairs bedrooms. They circulate the air and give good comfort when it's hot and sticky. Guess if we choose to live with the four seasons, then we've got to accommodate ourselves to get along with 'em.

Let's all have a safe and playful weekend. Ta-ta.