Friday, May 28, 2010

Poppy Patch

The first 3-day weekend of the summer is upon us. RVers and tenters are setting up to live away from home, getting the bon fires lit, roasting hot dogs, squishing roasted marshmallows and chocolate between graham crackers, and kids are celebrating the end of another school year. Others will be attending/marching in parades and church services to honor those who fought and sacrificed so we could enjoy these freedoms in America.

Tomorrow we're invited to a family get-together out in the country. Our smooch-pooch loves to go there, because she can wander safely at her own pace in search of scents left by other fur friends, and, of course, leave her own sweet scent for them to follow as well. A person can't help but be amazed at the many times a dog can pee.

Today is lawn-mowing day here at home. We want to get the yard looking nice for the weekend. Yesterday we bought the pansies, so I can plant my pansy wagon today, too. (If any of my blog invitees are looking for beautiful hanging baskets, we highly recommend Lisa's in Lime Springs.)

Memorial Day always had a special significance for us. We would take our mothers so they could visit and place flowers on the graves of their parents, brothers and sisters, and my husband's brother. That meant driving to four towns. Each year they'd ask us when we were going to the cemeteries. Then we'd take them out for supper so we could make a night of it. Our mothers just loved to eat out and go for drives with us. We took them with us wherever we went, and when they passed away, the silence from our back seat left us feeling kinda abandoned. Bless their hearts.

The other day on one of our afternoon drives, we spotted a patch of orangish-reddish flowers in the roadside ditch. Guess what! They were, what a coincidence is that right before Memorial Day!