Monday, May 24, 2010

On the Dock

Our smooch pooch needed food, so we trollied over to the vet. She eats a special allergy diet of Natural Balance duck and rice. It's costly to care for a pet these days. I can remember when we were kids and had dogs on the farm, we never fed them. They scrounged for themselves. I do remember tossing the used milk separator pads out for them to lick on. Now days we are pressured to provide a diet that has been scientifcally researched and developed, or suffer the pangs of guilt for not being a responsible pet owner. At our house there are basically no rules, so she gets people food mixed in with her food. When she stays at home alone for a few hours, we treat her to a McDonald's hamburger. Those she loves, but hold the pickles. Today she scored a bag of Greenies, those green toothbrush-shaped treats that are good for their teeth. She chomped one down in the car, and boy did she have fun.

Drove out to a man-made lake just for something to do. There are an abundance of wildflowers this spring. Guess before we retired we didn't get to see them like we do now. Of course, we stopped to take pictures. While my husband visited with a fisherman, I sat out on the dock, took my sandals off, and splashed my feet in the water. Oooooh, did that feel good in 91 degrees! But, wouldn't you know it.......saw a snake wiggling in the water. Despite my phobia, I controlled myself by not screaming like a wild woman and simply removed my feet from the water and walked back to shore. It's a proven fact that I am a snake magnet.

Stopped at a flower stand to get my pansies. The lady smiled and said she was sorry but she sold the last two pansies she had just this morning. The petunias looked nice, but couldn't settle for anything less than pansies.

The cotton seeds drift through the air and look like the beginning of a snowfall. It amazes me every year how nature renews itself with the same patterns. The wrens, the hummingbirds, and the orioles are contributing to our poverty by eating like little pigs. The price of bird seed is nuts, but who can resist those beautiful little creatures that give us so much joy. I get a kick out of watching the little things fight over food and the vacant perches on the feeders. Then, of course, there are the squirrels who think the world belongs to them. I stay out of that business and let my hubby cope with them. Sad to say, but the squirrels have the upper hand most of the time.

It's time the mama deer will be having baby fawns. We thought we might spot one on our drive today, but no luck. Usually we have deer in our back yard. One summer we had twin fawns that jumped and played on our lawn down by the creek. Toward evening was their time to perform for us.

We have a ham in the crock pot, and we just had a sample. Yummy supper coming up in a couple of hours. It's so hot we didn't want to start the oven and are staying inside where it's nice and cool. I can't help but feel sorry for the animals that are out in the wild or are neglected in this awful heat. But, I tell myself that all I can do is take care of our Bichon. A person can't carry the weight of the world on our shoulders!

Gosh, come to think of it, a nap might hit the spot right now............