Saturday, December 01, 2012

Putting Out My Nativity Scene

I've been racking my brain how to devote my December posts to the spiritual side of Christmas. Last year, if you recall, I decorated a Jesse Tree with symbols of biblical stories.

With brain racked, my thought is to set up a Nativity.  By adding one piece each day, I'll bring to life the beautiful story of the Holy Family.....    

Day One - The Humble Stable.    

We are told that Baby Jesus first lived in a place where animals were kept...a stable with hay on the floor and in the feeding trough for the animals, called a manger. A place with less than favorable conditions for a newborn baby.  Why did He choose to be born there? Perhaps he wanted to teach us from the get-go that frills, thrills and social distinction are meaningless without love and respect for all creatures.