Thursday, December 06, 2012

Melchior, One of the Magi

Day 6 - Melchior, one of the Magi

In the first century, the term 'Magi' identified astrologers.  They interpreted things they thought to be of a divine nature, like dreams, visions, and signs in the sky.  Kings and princes consulted these astrologers about their destinies, and their interpretations were held in high regard by the royal courts.  They were wise men.

The three Magi, or magicians, traveled a far distance with their gifts.  They followed the sign in the sky to Bethlehem.  When King Herod heard these guys were in town, he got riled.  Calling the Magi in for a meeting, he tells them to go find the baby.  When they find him, Herod instructs them to report back so he, too, can go worship him.

Herod lied to the Magi.  He had no intention of worshiping this baby boy.

Who was this Melchior?  Did he have a sense of humor?  Did he play with his grandchildren? How old was he when followed that bright star in the sky?  Was he in good health?  What physical problems, like all of us, did he have? Did his knees hurt when he knelt down before the manger?  Did he call his camel by name?

Legends differ about the Magi, because Scripture doesn't say.  Some claim Melchior was a Persian scholar, was the oldest of the three, and wore a white beard.  I'll assume that version is the right one.  

Melchior joins my Nativity.