Monday, December 03, 2012

Mama Sheep and Her Baby

Day 3 - Placing the sheep next to the shepherd

Where the shepherd goes, the sheep go.

That long-ago night, the sheep followed their shepherd to the stable and were welcomed with a warm place to lay.  Their body heat would help keep a baby warm.  Imagine being chosen, out of all the animals, for that privilege.

Sheep are timid, gentle and mutually affectionate.  They even like to graze with their heads close together.

Sheep are totally dependent on man for guidance and protection.  The shepherd's watchful care is repaid with trust and love.  Do a sheep a kindness, and that kindness will always stay in their memory.

Sheep are patient.  If they are caught and restrained, they soon give up their struggle.  Even if their captor hurts them, they simply give in and hold their feelings inside.

Today I add the mama sheep and her baby to my Nativity......two dear examples of goodness and innocence.