Friday, December 14, 2012


Day 14 - Dove

The dove represents peace.  Every home nativity is the family's hope and prayer for peace among nations and peace within the family. 

Doves mate for life.  Together, they build their nest and nurture their young.  They are devoted and loyal to one another.  In ancient Egypt, the dove symbolized quiet innocence.  To the Romans and Greeks, the dove symbolized love, devotion, and caring for the family.
That long ago night, a white dove perched above the stable manger.  When this angel appeared on the scene, the dove left its perch and flew down into her arms.  The angel cradles the dove the way Mary will soon cradle her baby.

Joseph and Mary's journey will soon be over.  Exhausted and fearful, they are worried if they will find a shelter where Mary can have her baby.  If they only knew that a chosen group of peaceful souls are gathering at this stable to welcome and protect them, watch over them, and keep them warm.          

The dove and angel join the others near the manger.