Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Day 18 - Donkey that carried Mary
Mary wasn't able to walk on the rocky hillsides.  She was going to have a baby soon and was physically uncomfortable.  Bless the dear donkey that willingly gave her comfort and ease of travel.

The donkey is the symbol of service, suffering, peace, and humility.  The one characteristic we've all heard is that donkeys are stubborn.  That's how we humans see it.  To the donkey, it's called self-preservation. 
"That which is called firmness in a king
 is called obstinacy in a donkey."
  ~John Erskine
Nearing the Stable
Did God bless that particular donkey with the ability to sense the significance of the baby and mother it carried?  I sure hope so.  For the sake of my nativity,  the donkey was filled with a pride it never before had the chance to experience.

The donkey goes inside the stable to rest after its exhausting journey.