Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Place Where Fairies Swing

It was the tree fairy that caught my eye,  and the cap and face was a photographer's bonus.  Guess I never thought about putting a toy fairy in a tree,  Sweet.

Wouldn't I love to meet these people who have this sense of whimsy.  I must remember that how we decorate our properties does make a difference.  And, it doesn't need to involve spending more money.

It's that business of letting one's imagination scurry around the house looking for things to upcycle.  Chances are good these flower garlands were stashed in a box, or what I call the crafter's coffin.  Who would have thought to decorate a swing like this.  

Whether we decorate with pricey pieces, or resurrected pieces, we can add enchantment to our world.  Our individual imaginations come up with fresh ideas that the next person would never have thought of.  Playful thought is what makes passersby, like us, apply the brakes to take another peek.

Something tells me these people look at the world through happy eyes, and I thank them for that.