Monday, October 08, 2012

Writing Alphabet Ditties

Are apples aware of anything?
Blood bleeds badly because of bruises.
Candles can cause catastrophes.
Did Dolly deliberately dribble down her dress?
Every elephant eyes eternity.
Feisty frogs fly, frolic, and flit.
Great gander goose, get going.
Hannah held her hanky high.
Impish Ida inched impishly inward.
Kitty Kat knew Kentucky kids.
Licorice lasts longer if leisurely licked.
Many misty mornings amaze me.
Nasty needles nick and annoy.
Opals and onions, owls and oranges.
Paradise points to possible paths
Quick, Quack, and Quandry
Relevant regions rightfully rally
Stones stay solid and sedentary
Tomorrow and today terrific things transpire
Usual and unusual, useful and unused
Visual vices are vile to the victim
Wonder where whales willingly wander?
Xactly, Xerxes, says the xpert.
Yes to yesterday, yo to yore.
Zesty zebras got zeroes, said Zeta.

by Nature Weaver