Monday, October 15, 2012

The Clock of Color

In October, Mother Nature plays one of her amazing tricks.  She snaps her fingers and turns trees into flowers.

We put the leash on the Fuzzy One, grabbed our walking sticks, and on our hike into the woods we went.  It was a challenge to decide whether to look up, look around, or look down at the colorful forest floor. When Mother Nature changes clothes, it makes me wish I could take a peek in her closet.

A silly thought.....the crunch crunch beneath our feet made me think of Rice Krispies, and our sighs of delight made me think of CheeriOs.

The busy life we humans have made for ourselves often blurs the whole picture.  We aren't looking up, we aren't looking down, we aren't looking at all. Minds are pinging and ponging from one scheduled task to the next.  Phone calls and text messages interrupt and derail.  All the while, a vigilant paint brush is out there painting beautiful scenery that we are too hyped to notice.

This morning when I brought my feet out of bed, a stabbing pain in my right knee reminded me of the day we were leaving the cabin.  It was around 7:30 in the morning, and we needed coffee and something sweet to take with us on the road.  The boat was hooked up to our Escape, so we parked along side the convenience store parking lot.  We were jabbering and walking.  Hubby pointed out to me a bait shop next to the store.  I was oblivious to everything beside the bait shop when my foot kicked into a yellow parking marker.  Lucky for me my right knee hit the cement and saved my head from smashing into the garbage can by about an inch.

No serious injuries.  I played soldier, brushed off my black leggings, and took hubby's arm into the store.  Holy monkey poop, I fell on my right knee and thank heaven I didn't dislocate my titanium hip.  The girl working in the store said she saw me fall and wondered if I got hurt.  Nonchalantly, I assured her I was okay but thanked her for asking.

The colors of our world...even the black and blue ones...are bestowed so we slow down and keep our eyes open.  Creation is not something that happened billions of years ago.  Creation is happening right now, and we have front row seats.  Every second erases the one before. The green leaves turn crimson and gold.  Brown hair turns white. Color gives away the secrets of time.      

Mother Nature offers us free admission to Her art gallery. The gracious Lady has only one request.....please look where you're going.