Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Nice weather days tend to be numbered this time of year.  When hubby read yesterday's forecast, he hinted his desire to go fishing on the Mighty Miss.  Who could turn down the prospect of a fun day like that.  The boat was quickly hitched, poles and gear packed, and we were heading east out of town.

No breakfast was causing visions of a McDonald's Egg McMuffin in my head, so that was our first stop.  I needed more coffee, so we shared a cup.  Experience has taught me to drink very little before going on the river.  The coffee cups at McDonald's have a magic little flipper now that opens the cup with each sip, instead of the old way of bending the flipper back and leaving it open. A thumbs-up improvement in fast food.

It was 12:30 when we zipped our life jackets and left the dock.  The sun was warm, yet the air was cool.   We fished and nibbled on homemade hot sticks we bought at a mom and pop store that smells like an old-fashioned smoke house.  It's so much fun to picnic when the fish aren't biting!

As the weather changes, so do the sights and the people we see....

Backwaters on our drive to the boat landing.

We're being watched as we put our boat in the water

Still being watched as we fish.

A muskrat house.

Trivia:  How did the muskrat get its name?

There are two scent glands near its tail which give off a strong musky smell that a muskrat uses to declare its territory.

"Good things come to those who bait."
~Author Unknown