Monday, October 22, 2012

A Silent Ceremony

A haiku written at 10:30 one morning this past September as I sat by the cabin window looking out.....

Tall trees, log cabins
Red squirrels run from here to there.
Playful, yet peaceful.

Loons call out their cries.
The call that haunts and enchants.
Quickly disappear.

Three ducks by the dock.
Wondering what kind they are.
Brown feathers, long beaks.

Water crystal clear
Our boat is tied to the pier.
Soon will go fishing.

It's not how many.
Nor is it the size of fish.

The one to catch first
Gets ice cream cone for their prize.
A win-win challenge.

Great Spirit, so Dear
To have brought us three up here.
Our second wedding.

Nature Weaver