Friday, September 07, 2012

THE NORTHWOODS by Charles Johnson.....

Not far to the north, where your soul is free,
Remote and aloof in its majesty,
Lies a spot where God has taken a hand
To create a beautiful wonderland.
He sent dew and rain from heaven above
To form crystal lakes we dearly love.
Seed and pollen were borne on the breeze
To produce a forest of lovely trees.

Then animals and birds of every hue
Were added that we might listen, too.
The wild melody of the northwoods in tune,
The eerie cry of the mating loon,
The chirp of the spring frogs in swampland near,
The call of the eagle sharp and clear.

The approach of the graceful doe and fawn
Watch in awed silence, for soon they are gone.
See the sunset glory of purple and gold
As the arms of twilight the earth enfold.
Watch the heavens bloom with countless stars,
Then fade as northern lights sweep in bars.

It gives you a feeling pure and clear;
Surely God is very near.