Friday, September 21, 2012

F is for Fig Tree

  • F, failing grade
  • As a loanword from Norwegian, "fjord" is the only word in the English language to start with the letters fj.
  • Top-row F keys on computer keyboard are Function Keys.
  •  F = Farenheit.  Farenheit is the official temperature scale still used in the United States.  It was first proposed by a German physicist named Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686-1736).  Within his proposed scale, the freezing of water into ice is defined at 32 degrees, and the boiling point of water is defined at 212 degrees.  
  • Beautiful F words:  freedom, forgiveness, friendship, fatherhood, facts, future, faith, family, favorite, feast, February, fate, fervent, fishing, flower, forest, fragrance, fragile and forget-me-nots.
  • FAQ = frequently asked questions
  • Fan is short for fanatic
  • Four has 4 letters.  No other number has this property in English such that the number of letters in the name equals the number.  
  • Remember the flat top?
  • Fe, the atomic symbol for iron.  The original name for iron was Ferrie.
  • Florida is the only U.S. state that starts with an F.
  • F = one of the four basic elements, fire.
  • Fact and fiction, fizzle and frenzy, frump, fickle and fantastic
  • French fries, flapjacks, floats, fritos, frosted flakes, and fudgsicles
  • "Feedback" is the shortest word in English that has the letters a, b, c, d, e, and f.
  • Most American car horns honk in the key of F.
  • A fathom, is 6 feet and is used to measure the depth of water.