Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Fascinations

Whew!  Am I ever relieved that my terrifying nightmares were only that.  This morning my coffee tastes better, and the world looks more beautiful knowing the last six hours were a hoax.

The tornado siren went off in our town yesterday afternoon.  Fuzzy One knew something was awry, and her daddy wasn't home to protect her.  So, I proceeded to take over the position of great protector.  Poor little girl didn't want to go in the basement with me, so I picked her up and carried her down there.  I sat down on the bottom step and looked down at those two black eyes that were asking, "Where's my daddy."

I gotta share yesterday's silly senior moment.  We had trolleyed for groceries, to a town 13 miles from home.  Our village has a wonderful convenience mart, but naturally doesn't carry everything.  On our way home, we were talking about our upcoming vacation, stopped at a stop sign.  Kept talking.  Stayed sitting there.......waiting for the light to turn green.

Dah.....stop signs don't turn green.  Neither of us realized  we spazzed out, so we couldn't spar like we usually do when one of us does something silly.  Like we say when we have senior moments......who really cares!

The U.S. is leading in Olympic medal wins, with 90 as of this morning, according to Yahoo News.  The Games are truly inspirational, aren't they.  They also show us up close the proverbial agony of defeat.

Today we're getting ready for a patio picnic with friends.  The temperature is forecast to be in the high 70s, so that will be so much more comfortable than the 100s the last weeks.  Both of us here are ready for the temperatures to get down to where we need sweatshirts and turtlenecks.  The only bad part of winter for me is having to wear shoes outside.

I'm reading a book by Robert Wilder, "The Sea and the Stars."  The blue hard cover was forgotten in the side pouch of one of my suitcases.  Must have taken it with me somewhere and then forgot about it.  Copyrighted in 1967, the coarseness of the paper and uneven edges echo a decade I remember well.  Beside me here lies Wilder's book and right next to it lies our Kindle Fire.  Both offer their individual avenue of mental stimulation. It's fascinating as I put my left hand on the past...and my right hand on the present.


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