Friday, July 20, 2012

Let Us Pray.....

Please, let us bow our heads and pray for the families who suffer today from the lone gunman's massacre in Aurora, Colorado.  Dearest Lord, why must such things happen.  Please apply your merciful balm to the bodies and hearts that are now ripped and torn.  May those who lost their lives rest in your Heavenly arms.  Amen.

One can only pray.  How else do we lend ourselves to the human community when they most need us.  Strangers we are not.  Brothers and sisters is what we are, all walking our assigned paths, doing the best we can.  And, then something like this happens.  Families go to see a movie, a crazed gunman pushes open a door, releases tear gas, and walks up the theater aisle randomly ending innocent lives.

Only a tangled and twisted mind could do something like this, and for him my heart aches, as well.  Imagine the amount of human pain or hatred it would take to push someone to do that.  Pain creates pain.

No matter what each of us has planned for this Friday, the 20th of July, 2012, let's us look within ourselves and make sure there are no festering, unhealed wounds.  If there are, bandage them in whatever ways are possible, and go on caring and loving.  Every pair of eyes mirrors the Self.  Kindness, understanding, and good old-fashioned friendship are the Super Glues that help us stick together.  None of us has an easy walk through life.

May the Great Spirit cradle in His arms those who suffer with intolerable pain.