Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Bright Side

Imagine yourself sitting on a star, looking down on Earth, and watching six billion personalities bumping into each other. Personalities of all types, traits and temperaments that are constantly morphing from one to the other with every spoken word and tiny interaction.  One instant we laugh, the next  minute we cry.  We tease and joke, we snarl and sneer.  We kill and we caress.  We mope and we mingle.

Pessimist?  or Optimist?   Once in awhile it's good therapy to pause and take a close look at the Self to see where we're at with this outlook-on-life business.     

Look at the ordinary #2 yellow lead pencil.  Notice how short the eraser is compared to the length of the lead.  It's a nice symbol that proclaims that we do more things right, than we do wrong.  If I had to choose one morsel of advice to pass on to those younger, it would be the value of concentrating on what they do right instead of what they think they do wrong.

Some years back I went through a time when I thought I was simply taking up space and breathing someone else's air.  Off to Walmart I went, bought me a 10-cent spiral notebook, and started writing down what I did each day.  Every little thing, whether it was go to work or brush my teeth, or stop for groceries, or visit with a neighbor.  At the end of two weeks, I turned back the pages and re-read the stuff I had done, and wowza, it was obvious that I'd been fretting over some silly notion that snuck inside my head when I wasn't looking.  We can be so hard on ourselves.....and, why are we like that.

A river of flowing circumstances and moods mold our personalities.  It's so hard to see the bright side while  sitting under an umbrella of despair.  I've been there. We need to be kinder to ourselves. Each of us six billion are here not because we asked to be.  We are here because we are supposed to be.  It's in our best interests to do our best, look for the best in others, and make the best of every day.

A Little Corner of the World