Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bowstring Bridge

We were trolleying down a hard-surfaced road, when an intriguing gravel dead-end on the left coaxed the steering wheel in that direction.  Both of us had the feeling that something of interest was tucked back on the secluded trail.

Sure enough, about a half mile down the road, there it was.....this Bowstring Bridge.  Once an indispensable link, now simply an old bridge all grown up with weeds.  Progress, of necessity, removed it, replaced it, and replanted it....on the outskirts of nowhere.

It's plain to see that the bridge no longer has a sense of self-worth, and its heart has stopped beating.  All that's left are scars of endurance.....years of carrying heavy loads on its shoulders......giving of itself for the safety of others.


"It so happens that the work which is likely
to be our most durable monument,
and to convey some knowledge to us
to the most remote posterity,
is a work of bare utility...
not a shrine,
not a fortress,
not a palace,
 but a bridge."

~Montgomery Schuyler