Friday, June 01, 2012

Miracles In the Meadow

Yesterday's trolley took us on gravel roads, but there wasn't a whole lot of dust because of the recent rains.  Driving on our gravels quickly dirties a clean car.  One State bordering ours doesn't have gravels, and we envy those dust-free rural residents.

Wild Roses in Roadside Ditch
We made two camera stops.  My heart skipped beats when I spotted these wild roses in the roadside ditch.  Their sweet simplicity and unassuming presence shroud them with a majestic aura like a bride's veil.  The fragile pink rose, yet resilient and strong, 'to every breeze is flung.'

As we stopped our car for me to get out and take this picture, a utility truck stopped at the intersection and a young man stepped down out of it, and kindly asked if we needed help.  I thanked him, but said I wanted to take a picture of the wild roses.  He smiled a smile that said he thought that was kinda neat.  I, in return, gave him a smile that said I thought he was a real gentleman.  It's that business of mutual respect.

Mama and Her Colt at Lunch Time
One of the most captivating parts of springtime is the birthing of baby animals and birds.  Mama deer are bringing their speckled fawns out of the wooded areas, introducing them to the world, and birds are protecting their nests.  We put the brakes on when we saw this meadow mama providing noon-time sustenance for her colt.  I get such a kick out of the white spot on the black colt's forehead.  Mama eats.  Colt eats.  Mother Nature, their gracious hostess.

Oh, before I sign off, if you have a wish that you want to come true, now that it's springtime, all you have to do is whisper your wish to a butterfly.  It will silently carry your wish on its wings up to Heaven.  It's Mother Nature's Priority Mail system and works like a charm.