Monday, June 25, 2012

High School Friends????

Let me tell you about the lesson I learned yesterday and how it was taught to me.

An elderly lady was celebrating her birthday with an open house.  She's one of those sweet ladies that deserves to be honored, so we dug through our drawers, found a  birthday card and drove over to the party.  Her nephew went to high school with me, and I hadn't seen him since he graduated in 1963, one year before me. My fingers and ears were crossed, hoping he'd be there.

Sure enough.  There he was, sitting at a table, eating. His hair was thick and white, distinguished, debonair, and dashing as I'd imagine.  Thank the lord I put on lipstick before we got out of the car.  The chair right next to him was empty, so I took that as my destined opportunity to wake up our friendship, give him the proverbial hug, tell him how darned good he looked, let him fuss over me, you know, the usual gig.  Here's how our visit played out.....

Me:  Hi, there.

He:  Hi.

Me.  Do you remember me?

He:  (Silence.  Staring at me.)

Me:  Do you remember (my maiden name)?

He:  (Silence.  Staring at me.)

Me:  Ah, we sat by each other in study hall.  We used to be friends.

He:  Oh?

Me:  (Starting to feel uncomfortable.)

He:  I'm really sorry, but I have no idea who you are.  Your name just doesn't ring a bell.

Me:  (Wanting desperately to ring his bell.)

He:  I've been away for a long time.

Me:  Well, I guess I thought we'd have a chat and reminisce, but my mommy told me never to talk to strangers.

He:  (Laughing)  Gosh, I'm sorry, but I don't remember you.

That, my friends, was my lesson.  What we hang onto and value, the next person may have years ago tossed in the wastebasket.  It scares me to think how many things in my life may fit into that same scenario.  If I could do it over again, my next comment to him would have been.....

Me:  Don't tell me you don't remember that night we parked and got your car windows all steamed up!

Wonder what the old goat would have had to say then.