Friday, May 11, 2012

Waiting for the Wrens

My ears are on high alert for the sweet tweets announcing the arrival of the wrens.  Hubby tidied up three houses in three trees, and now we wait for our little darlings to choose a house and raise their families in our back yard.  My father-in-law crafted the little houses out of wood scraps in his woodworking shop, so the houses are as special to us as the feathery ones they embrace.

My delight is relaxing out back on the screened-in porch and watching the wrens poke twigs through the tiny front entrance.  I'm pretty sure the wren might give biblical Job a good run for his money when it comes to patience.

There's a refreshing breeze where we are, and the sun shines brightly.  I see my neighbor lady has a hanging basket of yellow posies beneath her front window.  She's 94, feisty and determined to live by herself.  She told us just the other afternoon, as she cautiously walked by the house, that the last thing she needs is somebody telling her what to do and when to do it.  Can't say that I blame her, and something tells me if I get to be 94, I'm gonna be an interesting challenge for my family.

It's graduation season, and tonight we're off to a party for a non-traditional student.  A lot of pride goes into achieving a degree, and so we want to be among those who honor his accomplishment.  I've offered to provide the salad.  His mother lived with us and took care of me and my brother when we were little.

I remember that my childhood night prayers included this graduate, because I wanted Goddie to make him well.  He had a brain tumor when he was a young boy and survived what was a mighty risky surgery back then.  His motivation to get well was so he could attend my wedding.  I'm happy to say that he danced with the bride, and only the two of us and our parents knew just how special that one dance was.

We all walk a lonely path, even though we're among friends.  Only I know what my life has been like, and only you know what yours has been like.  Neither of us can penetrate the other one's mind or heart.  It's a big responsibility to, day after day, make choices and decisions based on what's in our heart and head.  I'm often dumbfounded by how well the populations of the world co-exist.  Just think of 6 billion threads weaving themselves together.  It's hard enough to braid three bunches of hair into a nice braid, yet alone all those single threads into a carpet of humanity.

Oh, it's a beautiful day to stop and say a lonely prayer, thanking Our Creator for those who make us smile, those who give us hugs, those who live inside our hearts.  My life has been enriched by downpours of friends.  Each one has left their autograph on my soul.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for my daily life.
The gifts and the challenges,
The sweet and the silly. 
Please know how much I appreciate the memories of all that I have had,
 and pray that I may give myself back to the world 
in whatever way You think that should be.
Please help me to be a nice person to every one.